Misc Fall

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Fort Snelling Cemetary

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Harriet Island

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Farmers Market

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Running – what can I say?  I think it is the best sport.  First one across the line wins.  There’s no judging – no style points.  I love running. Devising a perfect race stragegy; to race hard and see if anyone can run with you; to make a move and then counter-move. People ask me why I run – because it allows me to escape the stress and pressure of every day life.  It allows you to reflect on things and plan for others.  I love to compete.  Compete against goals I have set for myself and against others.  I had the opportunity to coach high school track last spring and it was the most rewarding thing I have ever done.  I took a bunch of kids that had no idea what it was like to be challenged; to have expectations and goals set for them; to work as a team and helped them achieve levels they never expected they could do.  My goal was to not only make them better runners, but better students, help them have more self confidence, and all around better people. I was so proud of these kids.  They may not have been the most talented but most of them gave an honest effort, had fun, and saw positive results.  When I was younger I had coaches that helped me with all of these and it is the least I can do to pass it on.


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